Almost every woman loves to buy new things, but today this is not an easy task. In boutiques, prices are huge, that the money earned in a month is not always enough for what you really like. But we found a way out of the situation and decided to share it with you.

We suggest that you forget about the procedure for a regular shopping trip, which today can only be called an introductory excursion, because there is not always enough money. We also suggest that you no longer spend about UAH 1000 on a thing in which you do not see the point, but you need to buy. All this can be replaced with the services of European online stores, which will help not only save money, but also time.

European online stores provide an opportunity for everyone to buy things at affordable prices, which, it should be noted, are sold in boutiques in Ukraine, but everything is much more expensive there. The affordable price is explained by the fact that such stores work without intermediaries and receive the goods immediately at the price set by the manufacturer. From the comfort of your home, you can browse a wide range of items from Europe and find what you need.

European online stores with branded items are available at any time, so you can place an order even at night. Also, a kind of hint for fashionistas, if you really love the process of going to boutiques too much, then you can find yourself a thing, try it on, and if the price seems too high to you, return home and purchase the same thing through an online store. If you want to use such a life hack, then be sure to remember the model and size that suits you when trying on.

Manufacturers of branded items also love to delight their customers, and very often make promotions on various things, so we recommend keeping an eye on this, and suddenly you will be able to buy the item you like at the lowest price.
We, in turn, want to help you understand the branded manufacturers, the things of which you can purchase via the Internet. There are a large number of them, and each brand has its own special qualities.

Women’s clothing from C&A

The brand produces incredible quality maria b sarees for every occasion and at low prices. From C&A you can find all kinds of things for young girls, for business women and elegant outfits, if you are looking for something like that, then do not pass by.

  • H&M

This brand produces clothing that is more youth-friendly. Each collection from H&M reflects the trends of life, street, catwalk, traditional dress or any film strip. High-quality and natural materials are used for things.

  • Tchibo

Another high quality store. From this brand you can most often find things for the home, underwear, accessories.

  • Promod

The Promod store is ready to provide you with any items from dresses, blouses, skirts, to accessories, such as necklaces, beads and more. You can find everything you need to create a cool look that will emphasize your originality and stunning.
Less popular brands include:

  • Ernsting’s family “Gina”;
  • “GinaBenotti”.

But, despite this, we want to convince you that these stores are worth paying attention to, because they produce quality seasonal goods. The only negative is the small choice. A definite plus – low prices and frequent discounts.
For multi-brand stores , which are also worth paying attention to when searching for things, shoes and accessories include the following:

  • Zalando;
  • Limango;
  • Guna;
  • Asos;
  • Corso;
  • Javari;
  • 1a-Versand;
  • 7trends;
  • Nelly;
  • Haburi;
  • Baur;
  • Erwin Mueller

Every day a new assortment, stylish and fashionable clothes of high quality, and all this at affordable prices without leaving your home.
There are two more stores that provide customers with an opportunity to purchase high-quality and stylish clothes – NKD and Lidl. Having found a thing of these brands, you will definitely be convinced that the prices are more than loyal, and the quality is excellent, and you will want to buy another thing from these stores.
If you urgently need to buy a high-quality handbag that will perfectly match the image and at the same time not spend a lot of money, then you need:

  • Deichmann;
  • Taschen Kaufhaus;

There you will definitely find the option that will fit perfectly and will last for more than one year, because the quality of things from these brands is exceptionally high!
The production of quality swimwear and lingerie is made by such brands as:

  • Calida;
  • Sheloox;

A large assortment, the best quality and loyal prices are all that each of you needs.
If you need a website where you can buy things, while spending a minimum of time and money, then visit the following Internet pages:

  • Pimkie

The manufacturer’s website allows you to find the best dress, blouse, jeans, leggings or skirt from a large assortment. The site often makes sales and discounts, so the chance to get the coolest thing for a small amount is high.

  • Kolibrishop

It is also a website that sells footwear, apparel and accessories from reputable global brands such as Live’s, Puma, Adidas and many others. This online store is for those who follow fashion and always want to look stylish.
For lovers of casual style, the following stores offer their things:

  • Marc O’Polo;
  • Tom Tailor.

These are the ones that you definitely need to go to and see what they offer. A large number of high quality clothing for young people and at reasonable prices, so do not pass by, but pay your attention.

  • Bershka

A great option for those who decide to either update their wardrobe completely, creating a new image for themselves, or for those who decide to change the image to a new one. Bershka makes it possible to find everything you need for this, because the store even has shoes and jewelry. The clothes offered by the brand shiza hassan saree are for those who love style, are self-confident and keep up with the times.

  • Mango

Spanish clothing, footwear and accessories can be found in this store. Mango sells high quality modern designer items.

  • Esprit

A world-famous company that sells clothes to the most active, stylish, youthful representatives of the fair sex. It is worth noting that this brand sells things more expensive than others.

Do you like to look outside the box and prefer to be creative?

Then you are here:

  • Deichmann;
  • Taschenkaufhaus;
  • Schulranzen.

And here for underwear and swimwear:

  • Calida;
  • Sheloox;
  • Lascana.

Also, do not bypass such branded stores as:

  • Zara

Having decided to purchase things from this manufacturer, you can collect for yourself the most extraordinary image. Many who come across this brand and its collections for the first time think that all this is too extravagant, but this is only at first glance. If you really love extraordinary high quality things, then you definitely need to go to Zara.

  • Miss selfridge

This brand sells a huge variety of items that are not alike in any way. For lovers of decorative lace and similar things, you can find everything in Miss Selfridge, even tops of this kind.

  • Kik24

If you decide that you need to thoroughly shop and purchase a lot of new gizmos, then you definitely need to go to Kik24. There is everything for every taste and color. Pick up comfortable pants, or a chic incredibly beautiful dress, in addition, there are underwear, swimwear and other things that should be in the wardrobe of every self-respecting lady. The store offers things that everyone can afford, regardless of age. High quality of things and reasonable prices for each of you.

  • M&S

High quality English clothes that are ideal for women who want a practical, convenient and comfortable item. The brand sells original and sophisticated lingerie collections that should be in your wardrobe.
Well, what about without a list of shops for lovers of sports style and sports in general. For the purpose of purchasing sportswear, comfortable shoes, etc., you definitely need to:

  • Puma;
  • Nike;
  • Adidas;
  • Sports Direct;
  • M&M Direct.

Famous brands all over the world offer you to buy a quality sweatshirt or sneakers that will not only decorate you externally, but will also be comfortable during physical activity.
Well, we told you about a lot of popular and not so popular brands, whose items are available in online stores at affordable prices.