iced coffee
iced coffee

Ice coffee is one of the star drinks of the summer for coffee lovers, as it allows them to enjoy this drink even in the hottest months of the year . Despite how simple it may seem, enjoying a coffee with milk and with ice has its tricks and at intu Xanadú we tell you about them so that you can put them into practice in your own home.

How to make iced coffee

Summer is coming, we don’t feel like a refreshing drink, but at the same time we don’t want to give up a cup of coffee. The result is a watery iced latte, which often causes acidity or bitterness . To make a coffee with milk and ice or a coffee with ice, you have to take into account the grains that are used, the type of roast, the grinding, the method with which you are going to make your coffee and of course the result you want to obtain. .

If we simply add ice to this infusion, we will lose the aroma and quality of the coffee that we have specially selected. Make a note in your recipe book and put these simple tips into practice.

coffee preparation

use espresso coffee

Espresso is a type of coffee that concentrates much more in little liquid and can be achieved with semi -professional pressure machines . The result will be a well-concentrated coffee that maintains many aromas.

Little glass

Using a very large glass allows not all the coffee to cool down at the same speed, so the sensation of water increases. If you use a narrow or short glass , it will melt in a more homogeneous and pleasant way for the palate. Another of the big mistakes is using very large ice cubes, which makes the drinking process uncomfortable and also wastes the contact surface with the coffee.

Make coffee ice

Another gesture that the most purists of coffee hate but that is practical is to make ice with coffee , instead of with water. You can directly add the milk or vegetable drink of your choice, without fear of the water spoiling your cup of cold coffee.

reduce the water

So that the coffee is well concentrated and the essence is not lost when adding coffee, it is a good idea to add less water for the same coffee that you usually prepare. A simple way to maintain more intense aromas and that does not involve extra time in the entire production process.

sugar at the beginning

Based on the fact that a good coffee never needs sugar, if you have not yet gotten used to the taste of these beans, add sugar at the right time. The key is to dissolve it in the coffee , while it is still hot, and then pour it into a glass with ice.

Do not delay in drinking it

One of the great and simplest tricks is to drink it as quickly as possible, which means that the ice still does not release all the water and the coffee does not get bitter enough. Experts point out that 30 seconds is the perfect time.

varieties of coffee

Take care of the variety of coffee

A roasted coffee is not the same as a light roasted one, so in iced coffee these differences are even more accentuated. The ideal is to ask for a light roast coffee , which combines much better with this type of blend.

Remember to buy quality coffee at your trusted Hipercor supermarket and put all these tricks into practice. For summer you can also prepare flavored waters , natural juices , smoothies or delicious cocktails . We give you the best ideas. Take note!

iced coffee recipes

A simple iced coffee is already very delicious in itself, but if we learn to prepare other variants, you will begin to enjoy sweeter combinations with more aromas: add essences, syrups and flavored foams. You just have to use your imagination and keep the tricks that we have previously given you.

recipes with coffee and ice

Bonbon coffee

The chocolate coffee is a perfect classic for the sweetest palates, who want a plus of nuances and essences. To prepare it, you only need 2 tablespoons of condensed milk, two cups of espresso, a glass of whipped cream and a little cocoa powder for decoration. We recommend that you first mix the coffee with ice and condensed milk , using coffee with crushed ice or even betting on freezing the glass beforehand so that the texture is better. Add to decorate cream and cocoa powder.

coffee frappe

For the hottest days, the frappé is the best option that already includes ice in the recipe. You only need instant coffee, sugar, 3 ice cubes, evaporated milk and a little liquid chocolate. Blend the ice so that it has a more fluid and pleasant texture , add instant coffee, sugar and condensed milk to taste, being able to add a little chocolate syrup to taste. You will love the mixture and you can also incorporate milk foam to improve the final texture.

coffee with orange

If you like fruity aromas, coffee with orange is for you. You just have to prepare the coffee in the usual way and add a little orange juice to taste. Add the ice and also orange honey to taste. To decorate, go for cocoa powder along with cinnamon and toasted orange peel.

cuban iced coffee

Cuban-style iced coffee is a smooth-textured recipe that combines very interesting spices. The first thing you should do is prepare the coffee in the usual way, but placing a cinnamon stick and sugar in a glass before pouring into the coffee. Next , stir the entire mixture for a minute so that everything is infused, add the ice cube and pour in a little skimmed cream. Lastly, enjoy!


Along with orange, mazagrán is another of the most citric and refreshing recipes. We are talking about a long format presentation, in which you only need to add sugar syrup to a glass, mix lemon juice with water and add it to the glass without stirring it so that it does not mix. Add ice cubes to taste and carefully pour in the coffee. You can add lemon zest to taste to finish.

macchiato on ice

Macchiato is a very simple option and perfect for those looking for a delicate flavor thanks to milk. You just have to add the ice cubes, then pour in the coffee of your choice and add cold foam until the long glass is filled.

Salento coffee

Directly from Italy, you can enjoy Salento coffee from your own home. Pour almond milk and cane sugar syrup into a glass, then add the coffee of your choice and mix with ice. A sweet drink with an interesting creamy texture.