Benefits of Drinking Water
Benefits of Drinking Water
When you see them strutting down the red carpet, posing for the camera, and on those magazine covers, all you see is the personification of luxury and wealth. Our favorite famous divas are known for their taste in fashion, and all of them have a uniquely developed style you could recognize from miles away. One key ingredient that adds to that authenticity of their self-expression is their choice of baubles. However, you’d expect them to wear nothing but pure precious metals, gems, and pearls, right?

Wrong! Well, to an extent, at least. They do adorn their lovely necks, ears, hair, and fingers with priceless items we could only dream of, but they also cherish some of the more affordable brands all of us, mere mortals, can actually add to our own collections. Here are a few to keep your eye on and enrich your own bauble box with celeb-approved jewelry for those special nights out!

Sustainable bling is all the rage 

Much like in all things fashion, baubles have attained a green glow over the course of the last few years, with the planet in mind and our own beauty redefined. We’ve already mentioned a few sustainable fashion names and their loving celeb divas, but jewelry makes an equally relevant impact on the world when you know which brand to choose.

In the mood for Beyoncé-approved stainless-steel jewelry by the name of Jlani? You can spot three necklaces adorning her goddess-like cleavage if you scroll to the fifth image in her Insta post. The sustainable part of the story is that each piece is 100% recyclable, made of materials that are resistant to rust and tarnish, and you can definitely afford their ridiculously affordable items.

Gold never goes out of style

It makes perfect sense that an Angel, especially Victoria’s Secret one, would wear gold. This time, we’re talking about the stunning Jasmine Tookes and her love for the minimalist, but eye-catching gold hip hop jewelry. This precious metal is a must-have for any gal with good taste, and owning a pair of earrings and rings is a good way to infuse your look with that level of golden elegance.

If you’re a gal who likes to mix it up a bit, adding variety is always possible. Putting on several gemstone rings with a gold band can transform your daytime look to a cocktail-friendly ensemble in no time. These simple, but sophisticated additions can go oh so deliciously well with your high-style party dresses and instantly upgrade your entire ensemble. Not to mention that you’ll be pulling off an Angel-worthy look with that approach, one that lets you give your style a personal touch while exuding that celeb-inspired look at the same time.

Timeless classics for sophisticated ladies

Storm Reid may be young, but her take on wearing pearls is as mesmerizing and effortless as her entire persona. Let’s set her age aside for the purpose of this article, and let’s talk about what we can learn from a 16-year-old celebrity on wearing pearls with a modern twist. In the case of BaubleBar, quite literally so.

Not only did she nail the little black dress look in a very authentic way, but she managed to make those minimal, simple, but enchanting pear earrings pop together with that outfit. Adding classic pieces the likes of those earrings is a winning choice for any fashionista among you. They go well with casual outfits, and they’ll elevate any evening attire you’re in the mood to wear. Much like gold rings, pearl earrings are a must-have for every gal who loves her baubles.

Vintage glitz for the bold 

The queen of modern glamor and a true fashionista at heart, Ariana Grande is one of our most cherished fashion icons, and a role model for many who like to ditch their comfort zone and explore the regal, retro vibes of yore, once again with a distinct touch of modern times. She was spotted wearing Danielle Guizio’s designs in her “7 Rings” video, so we can safely say that the brand comes highly recommended.

Want to add Ariana-approved satin to your collection? Look no further than their satin choker, a vintage, but contemporary take on a timeless necklace trend that all of us want to believe we can pull it off – but it requires a personality as bold as the iced out jewelry item itself. Try it out, and pair it with a range of your retro as well as modern looks, and see how it plays out.

Take your time to explore your stylish options among these well-versed celebrities and their equally memorable jewelry brands. Fortunately, they all come with price tags your wallet can endure, so add them to your bauble bucket list and start enriching your style inspired by these celebs’ take on jewelry!