Breast Enlargement

A woman’s breasts continue to grow from puberty through menopause. Factors like hormones, heredity, body weight, and even lifestyle determine breast size. Added to this list is another popular gossip about breast enlargement after marriage, which many women believe in. Is that really true? Does marriage affect the physical aspects of your body?

Let’s demystify this belief and find out if it is a simple old-fashioned revealer or a proven fact. Read on for details:


Does breast size increase after marriage?

The issue of breast enlargement after marriage has always been under scrutiny. While many women claimed to have experienced sudden growth of their breasts after getting married, we really question the veracity of this claim. Fortunately, many studies were conducted on it, and they all showed that marriage has nothing to do with breast size.

The most likely reasons for this change could be hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, birth control, and childbirth. There are sufficient explanations for each of these aspects, which will be discussed

Factors that can cause breast enlargement after marriage:

Let’s look at these reasons that have a high probability of affecting the size of your breasts after the wedding:

1. Pregnancy:

At 6 to 8 weeks pregnant, your breasts begin to appear larger than normal size. Pregnancy increases the size of your cup due to a pumping of hormones, especially estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen promotes the growth of ducts in the breasts to support milk production, while progesterone increases milk-secreting cells.

Along with hormones, the overall increase in body weight and water retention can give the breasts fullness during pregnancy. It is also not uncommon for women to experience an increase of up to 2-4 cups and band size during these 9 months and even after delivery.

2. Menstruation:

The onset of periods can bring many changes to your body, including larger breasts. You may feel tenderness and even pain before your period due to a sudden increase in estrogen and progesterone levels in the body. However, once the periods are over, the symptoms are reduced and the breasts return to their ‘normal’ size.

In a typical 28-day monthly cycle, premenstrual fluctuations start again after the first 14 days, leading to temporary breast enlargement.

3. Breastfeeding or lactation:

After delivery, your breasts are filled with milk to nourish your newborn baby. As your milk supply increases and decreases throughout the day, you may also notice an increase and decrease in the size of your breasts. When you haven’t fed your baby for a long time, your breasts become overfilled with milk, leading to a painful and enlarged condition called engorgement.

4. Birth control pills:

Birth control pills are one of the most popular contraceptives used by many married women. These pills are made up of two main female sex hormones: estrogen and progesterone. When taking these tablets, the hormone levels in the body suddenly skyrocket, which can result in a temporary increase in breast size. The effect is reversed once the person stops taking the pills or after a few monthly cycles.

5. Excessive weight gain:

After marriage, many women tend to gain weight due to lack of self-care. Especially if you have been hitting the gym or exercising before your wedding, stopping this regimen can lead to weight gain. Studies suggest that an increase in your body mass index (BMI) can contribute to breast enlargement. 

6. Sexual relations:

During sexual intercourse, the heartbeat accelerates, as does the blood circulation. This can activate the veins within your breasts, making them appear fuller. However, this is a temporary change and will last only a few minutes to a couple of hours after sex. Plus, during foreplay, the body’s oxytocin levels rise, making your nipples stand up and your breasts more perky than ever.

7. Abnormal breast cysts:

Women in their 40s are more likely to develop breast cysts, which are round lumps. They may be fluid-filled or exist as a solid growth that can enlarge your breasts. While most of these cysts are benign, you may want to see a doctor to rule out the chances of malignancy.

8. Lack of exercise:

As mentioned above, married women rarely take proper care of themselves. They are too busy taking care of the family and their daily tasks. Caught up in the whirlwind of their domestic life, they forget to take time off to get a good workout. This can lead to sudden weight gain. When body mass increases, the breasts are one of the first areas to show the effect. This is one of the main reasons why women have breast growth after marriage.

We hope this article has made you realize that there is no merit in the statement: increased breast size after marriage. Just because you said yes to the wedding doesn’t mean you signed up for bigger breasts! These are the main reasons why women go through the whole ordeal of the boobies months after saying ‘Yes, I do’ to themselves. Share this information with your friends and family to uncover the myths of the facts!