Benefits Of Coconut Oil

We have all heard stories from our grandmother’s day about the various benefits of coconut oil on skin and hair. The importance and vital characteristics of this oil for girls and young women are much emphasized. But do you really know how and what are the benefits associated with this oil on the skin? The oil is talked about and praised enough for its health promoting properties. This wonderful oil works like magic for all women who have both beauty and skincare concerns. With the fatty acids, minerals and nutrients, coconut oil is miraculous for skin problems, as well as for the health of our hair.

If you are still wondering about this oil’s application methods, dosage, and how it works for different skin problems, this guide is for you! Today, we are going to explore the unknown benefits of applying coconut oil to your skin every day.

What is coconut oil and what are its properties?

Coconut oil is something that has a multitude of benefits for both health and skin care. It contains heavy saturated fatty acids that are extracted from raw or dried coconut kernels . The oil is used both for cooking and for health problems, such as skin and hair. With its richness in saturated fatty acids in general, the oil also has good polyunsaturated fats and other micronutrients .

  • Lauric Acid 49%
  • Myristic Acid 18%
  • Caprylic Acid 8%
  • Palmitic Acid 8%
  • Capric Acid 7%
  • Oleic Acid 6%
  • Linoleic Acid 2%
  • Stearic Acid 2%

Pure coconut oil from now on compromises saturated fats, around 90 percent inside . The lauric acid present in it, with the highest proportion, works wonders with its rich antibacterial and antiviral properties .

Advantages and benefits of coconut oil on the skin:

With these immense nutrients and fatty acids, coconut oil proves to be of utmost importance in helping us with various benefits for skin, hair and health. Here are some of the health and skincare benefits of applying the oil to your face and skin.

1. Helps heal wounds:

Several studies have shown that treating injuries with coconut oil significantly helps in the healing process. With adequate levels of collagen and antioxidants, along with antimicrobial properties, the oil helps heal wounds and also reduces infections around them. The importance of coconut oil in healing wounds on the skin is also a very popular ancient remedy.

  • First, Clean The Wound Carefully. Clean The Area And Pat It Dry.
  • Apply The Oil In And Around The Wound.
  • Cover The Area With A Cloth.
  • Reapply The Oil 2-3 Times A Day For Good Results.

2. Hydration and hydration of the skin:

Do you suffer from that dry and cracked skin? All you need is pure coconut oil to look your best. Coconut oil benefits from deeply hydrating even dry skin. With its mineral components, it helps hydrate the skin and maintain its integrity . The oil penetrates deep into the surface layers and provides long-lasting hydration.

  • After A Cool Bath, Simply Apply The Coconut Oil To The Dry Areas Of Your Skin.
  • Reapply As Needed.
  • That’s; You’ll See Glowing, Hydrated Skin In No Time.
  • Given The Importance And Benefits, You Can Also Keep Applying Coconut Oil On Your Face Overnight.

3. Treat acne:

Coconut oil, with its dense fatty acids, helps keep bacteria at bay and reduces infections. These anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of the oil help treat acne, reduce redness and swelling, and also prevent its growth ( 8 ).

  • For Best Results, Wash Your Face Regularly.
  • Pat Dry And Apply Coconut Oil To The Areas Where Acne Is Present.
  • Alternatively, You Can Even Steam Your Face With Hot Water To Open Your Pores, Remove Dead Skin And Cleanse Your Pores, Then Massage In Coconut Oil To Benefit Your Skin.

4. Reduce inflammation:

From skin infections to inflammations, coconut oil goes a long way in reducing such concerns. The oil has been shown to be beneficial in treating skin infections and disorders such as eczema and dermatitis . When applied, it works wonders to reduce inflammation, redness, and pain, given its antioxidant and fatty acid properties .

  • In Addition To Taking The Usual Medication For The Affected Area And Skin Problems, Apply Fresh Coconut Oil.
  • Massage Well To Allow It To Penetrate The Deep Layers Of The Skin.
  • Reapply As Needed, As Many Times As You Like.

5. Coconut oil as a natural sunscreen:

Sunscreen plays an important role in caring for and protects the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays that fall from the sun . Do you know that coconut oil is very useful in reducing the effect of the sun that falls directly on the skin? With its natural ingredients, coconut oil can help you naturally protect your skin from rays, without the help of any counterfeit products.

All You Need To Do Is Use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil On Your Face.

  • Apply A Thin Coat Before Leaving Home.
  • Therefore, Coconut Oil Can Reduce The Effect Of Strong Sun Rays On The Face And Skin Layers.

6. Make-up remover:

With rebellious makeup products just around the corner from the markets, we love to dress up and look gorgeous. But it’s just as important to remove your makeup at the end of the day. It can also be the most challenging task to accomplish, with unruly footprints left around our face. But do you know that coconut oil is a natural makeup remover? Why use products from the market if this oil can help you clean your skin easily?

  • Take Some Coconut Oil On A Cotton Ball And Massage It Well Around The Face.
  • Remove Stubborn Eye Makeup And Trace Quickly With This Oil.
  • Cover It Well A Couple Of Times For Best Results.
  • Wash Your Face With Cold Water And Pat Dry.

7. Reduce and eliminate stretch marks:

Stretch marks are seen more frequently in today’s world due to various reasons. Whether due to pregnancy, weight gain, sudden weight loss, or muscle building; these brands are not something we all want. But do you know that the anti-inflammatory properties can heal marks well? The oil helps to hydrate the skin naturally, with its lauric acid absorbed deep into the layers of the skin to have a positive effect on collagen production. This, in turn, improves appearance and reduces marks.

  • You Can Directly Apply The Coconut Oil On The Stretch Marks And Massage Well.
  • Alternatively, You Can Even Mix Oil With Lemon Juice And Massage Into The Skin.

8. Softens the skin:

We all dream of having a smooth and luminous skin from within. But pure coconut oil can make your wish come true in no time! With its adequate levels of collagen and vitamin E, coconut oil can greatly help to smooth skin tone, lighten marks, and effortlessly bring skin’s natural glow. It also improves blood circulation when massaged and brings the natural glow to the face. Be it the case of dry or oily skin, the benefits are equal and immense.

  • Add A Few Drops Of Coconut Oil To Your Face And Skin.
  • Massage Well Around The Skin Every Night Before Going To Sleep.
  • Alternatively, You Can Add Coconut Oil, Rose Water, Lemon, And Turmeric To Use As A Mask As Well.
  • You Can Even Continue To Apply The Coconut Oil Overnight To Your Face, To Give It A Subtle Glow And Smooth Skin.

9. Reduce wrinkles:

Many believe that coconut oil is good for wrinkles on the face and skin. While the scientific evidence seems limited in this case, some studies mention that this oil is effective than other essential oils in toning the skin and reducing such concerns . Given the extraordinary amount of collagen in the oil, it helps create elasticity in the skin and makes it firmer.

  • Use The Oil As A Form Of Serum And Apply To Dry Skin.
  • Massage Well.

10. As an under-eye cream:

Do you suffer from dark circles? Do you want to have bright and clear eyes, like the divas? Forget spending extra money on all those eye contour products on the market and use the natural oil to reduce puffiness and blemishes. Coconut oil works great as a cream to reduce puffiness, dark circles, and lines near the eyes.

  • Just Massage And Rub Some Pure Coconut Oil Between Your Fingers.
  • Warm It Up And Pat It Under The Eyes.

11. As a lip butter for chapped and dry lips:

While the moisturizing properties of coconut oil are already well established, it also helps significantly as a remedy for dry lips. If you have dry and chapped lips, the oil can go a long way in hydrating your skin, healing cracks, and reducing wrinkles around your lips.

  • Applying The Oil To The Lips Is A Fairly Simple Remedy.
  • Store The Oil In A Small Container And Use It By Hand To Rub Onto Lips, When Needed.

12. Body scrub:

We bet you haven’t thought of using coconut oil as a body scrub. You saw?! With its excellent properties in fatty acids and vitamins, the oil can help remove dead skin cells, tone the skin and provide a smooth texture, not only to the face but also to the body. It works as a natural exfoliator.

  • Mix Coconut Oil With Coarse Salt To Create The Natural Scrub.
  • Exfoliate Your Skin Thoroughly With The Scrub Before Showering.
  • Use It Regularly For The Best Results. Prefer To Use Raw Coconut Oil On The Skin To Get The Best Benefits In This Case.

13. Cracked heel or cuticle oil:

Do you have cracked feet and / or cuticles? If you assume that having cracked feet and heel is natural, you are wrong. It is due to the factors of our habitual lifestyle, such as running from one place to another in the schedules and not taking enough care of the heels or nails. Regular pedicures / manicures aren’t just therapy, you also need something more substantial to protect your cuticles.

  • Use Coconut Oil As A Cuticle Or Foot Oil.
  • Apply And Massage Every Night Before Sleeping.

14. As a hair mask:

Whether it is the case of frizzy or damaged hair, or dry hair, do you know the miraculous benefits associated with this oil to bring a shiny and healthy hair? Studies have shown the immense benefits of using coconut oil to reduce hair loss, add protein to fine hair, and balance the natural oils within the follicles .

  • You Can Apply Coconut Oil Before Washing Your Hair. Let Hair Soak In Oil For A Couple Of Hours Before Heading To Wash Your Hair.
  • Alternatively, You Can Even Use This As A Serum On Damp Hair With A Towel, After Hair Washing. Apply A Little Bit Of Coconut Oil, Mixed With Essential Oil On The Hair Strands.

15. For an overall healthy face and skin:

In general, we now know that coconut oil helps maintain and restore healthy, hydrated and glowing skin layers. Apply the oil as a cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer to attenuate natural oils, hydrate the surface layer, and bring effortlessly radiant skin.

  • Use The Oil On The Palm, Rub It Between Your Fingers For Better Application And Warm It Up.
  • Use It Every Day And Regularly For Best Results

What Kind Of Coconut Oil Is Best?

Coconut oil is not everywhere pure when we find it on the market. It can be dry or wet during processing. With several types inside, such as refined oil, unrefined oil, and extra virgin coconut oil, not all types are suitable for application directly to the skin and face.

Refined oil is best suited for cooking, and virgin coconut oil is best suited for health and skincare benefits. The latter does better in terms of antioxidants and minerals and does wonders for better skin care and overall health . This also prevents oxidation and neutralizes free chemicals, helping to reduce breakouts, infections, and inflammations. However, organic coconut oil is also popular in the skin care remedy market.

Final thoughts:

We have seen the immense amount of benefits associated with using coconut oil for the skin and face. The importance and significance of this ancient remedy cannot be overstated even in today’s world for better skin and appearance. Try this natural remedy instead of going for market products and see the results for yourself. Let us know your thoughts!