North Indian hairstyles

Always trust an Indian to smoothly execute the most complicated beauty tips and tricks and yet emerge to be as beautiful as ever. An integral part of India’s rich heritage includes extensive hairstyles, if not anything else. Now the best part of India is the different segments of culture that fit this space-bound country. Where South Indians are happy with their long ornate braids and white and gold silk sari, there is still another culture to explore that basically speaks of the various wealthy North Indians. Among the large number of different clothes and cuisines, we start the list with the most common North Indian hairstyles.

Latest and Best North Indian Hairstyles:

Let’s see the 9 best hairstyles in North India.

1. The twisted braiding:

north indian hairstyles

Braids are probably the most common hairstyle fusions out there and taking full advantage of this notion, the first hairstyle here sports a beautiful braided bun but the intricacy to complete the bun is worth mentioning. Start by sectioning a piece of your strand straight from the front and then French braid to the middle of your hair. Now individually wind each strand of hair and pin them at the back.

2. The lump of the back:

north indian hairstyles

This is another common hairstyle that comes from the north, where the bun at the end is often driven by a small bulge in the middle section of the hair. Before tying the hair, leave a few strands from the front free fall and start with the bump that follows the low bun.

3. The wedding night look:

north indian hairstyles

Weddings for an Indian are always as extravagant as they get and just thinking about it, here’s an energetic hairstyle full of twists and turns that eventually becomes one of those head-turning hairstyles. Start with a twist braid and then form the bun with a twist base. Jewelry and trim pieces always add value to these types of hairstyles, so don’t hesitate to put one on.

4. The light summer look:

north indian hairstyles

Long and rolled buns may not be your everyday cup of tea, and therefore here is a very no-nonsense take on a hairstyle that could help you beat the summer in style. Starting with a small front locking braid, the hair towards the end is quite loose in a normal braid. Often times, a fashionable tie or ribbon can add color to the look.


5. The subtle look of the dance:

north indian hairstyles

The front locks fall freely, followed by a small bulge in the middle, and finally a smaller tie at the back of the head. The rest of the hair is kept soft and stretchy with subtle princess curls and as always a beautiful topper, preferably a fairy dust flower on the side, adds a look of zeal to the hairstyle.

6. The bun braid:

north indian hairstyles

Even though the cultures have two different hemispheres, there is always something in common between the southern and northern properties and here is something that the northern Indians have gleaned from the flamboyant south. The hair is sectioned and while one forms a bun, the rest is made into a braid. Additional accessories have been used a lot.

7. The front bulge:

north indian hairstyles

When in doubt, always go for the simple front bump that would take care of your hair in the simplest way that it has ever existed. The rest of the hair is usually kept in free fall to add volume to the look.

8. The low braid bun:

north indian hairstyles

Again, the braids start from the front, preferably on one side, but this time the braid goes all the way. Now simply roll your hair into a low bun and secure it with a pin at the end.

9. Decorations to the end:

north indian hairstyles

The easiest of the hairstyles requires you to keep the braids falling freely and happily, but to add an ethnic look to it, you can always pair a free head of hair with a simple embellishment, preferably a classy item.