6 Best Mobile App Testing Tools for QA Developers

Choosing the best mobile app testing tools is very important because these are the tools that will help you test your application thoroughly. The testing process is the most crucial part of the development cycle of any mobile application. Without test automation, the entire process will be delayed. Testing should be done not only for detecting bugs but also to ensure that the application functions well on various mobile devices. Today, there are a number of test automation tools that you can choose from.

Most of the tools offer various features, which you can use to automate the entire test procedure. These include unit testing, integration testing, acceptance testing and so forth. Each of these tools has its own advantages, which means that you should know your needs before deciding which one to go for.

Unit testing is among the simplest and most popular way of performing mobile app testing. It involves the use of a device or server to run the application on. You do not need to have knowledge of the applications code during testing so you are sure that your application functions well on real devices.

Integration testing is also considered as one of the finest test automation tools available. This method involves the collaboration of both developers and testers for formality. The testers are provided with a special device with the required software and they act as the interface between the application and the user. You can use these devices for collecting user’s response, detecting bugs and performing performance checks. In addition, integration testing is quite a flexible option compared to unit testing because it lets you perform a number of operations simultaneously.

There are numerous tools and frameworks that you can find for the purpose of testing mobile apps on a number of platforms. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right test automation tool for your business. The best mobile app testing tool must be portable and it should be designed in such a way that it can be used by any software development company irrespective of the type of application. It should allow you to test multiple devices as per requirement. It should also offer the flexibility in performing customized tests on each and every device.

Another important thing that you must consider while looking for an automated test solution is scalability. It means that the program should have the capability of running tests on a large number of mobile devices. It should also support parallel tests across multiple devices. Moreover, your test automation company must be able to provide you with easy-to-use and customize testing screens so that you can select the parameters to be tested easily.

Some of the automated test automation tools are available free of cost, while some are available with subscription fees. However, it is always recommended that you do not pay any fees until you get sufficient results for your testing. If you feel that your website is 100% mobile-friendly, then there is no need of paying any money for this software. Apart from being extremely beneficial, these test automation tools help to save a lot of time as well. Therefore, they can be a real boon for your software development company.

Finally, you can rely on the customer feedbacks and reviews to gauge the performance of any mobile app testing tools. If people like the product, then they will surely give you a positive feedback. Similarly, if people don’t like it, then they will surely give negative feedback. Hence, it is very important to understand customer’s needs and expectations before launching a mobile app. Once you understand their needs, you can easily design a user-friendly mobile app testing platform and start your work.