5 Things to Ensure Before Cosmetic Surgery

There are many things to ensure before undergoing cosmetic surgery. If you are having a nose job, you should be well aware of the risks. Your surgeon should explain the possible dangers to you and the possible results after surgery. Your family doctor should also be fully apprised of your plans and be made aware of any health conditions you have that could be exacerbated by surgery. You will also need to make arrangements for any pre-operation testing and consultations with your surgeon.

Make sure to give yourself a good chance to heal from surgery. Don’t make yourself physically up to par. A week or so after surgery you should start to feel back to normal. You may need a few days or a few weeks to get used to being able to use all your facial features without pain. Be patient and make sure your surgeon knows that you are healing well.

Make sure to ask to see pictures of the results of the cosmetic surgery. Most plastic surgeons will happily show you pictures of the results, but some may not. Before choosing a surgeon it is wise to ensure that the one you choose has a record of excellent results. You should also find out if the surgeon charges any extra for post-surgical care. Some clinics and private doctors can offer this service at a reduced rate, especially if you have certain health problems.

Make sure your plastic surgeon is aware of all medications you are taking, whether they are prescribed by your doctor or not. They should be aware of any dietary restrictions you have, as well as any other health issues. There can be serious health consequences if you try to undergo cosmetic surgery while taking certain medications, for example certain blood thinners. You should inform your surgeon of any medicines you are currently taking.

If you have had any surgeries before then you will probably have some health issues which will need to be addressed before the surgery. It is always best to make sure you are fit enough to have a cosmetic surgery before committing yourself to it. A good way to check this is to carry out a health check right before you set up to have the operation. This can be done at home using a routine doctor’s visit.

Make sure you fully understand the recovery process and how long it will take. This can differ between surgeons, so it is recommended you discuss this with the surgeon. You should also ask about post-operative support, including whether or not you will be kept in bed once you have stitches in place. If you are not expected to be in bed for more than a few days, then you should consider going to a hospital to recover.

Before embarking on a cosmetic surgery procedure, it is extremely important that you research the plastic surgeon extensively. Contact him or her via phone or email and find out as much as you can about the qualifications of the surgeon. Find out what years of experience he or she has and whether or not they are board certified. In addition, ensure that you know where the surgery is being performed and confirm that it is a reputable facility.

It is also advisable to meet with your surgeon before the surgery to ensure that you both understand the full benefits of the cosmetic surgery. This includes the results, which you should see before and after the surgery. You will also be presented with a ‘before-after’ photo of the results. Be sure to ask the surgeon questions regarding these photos and ensure that you agree with the photos. If you do agree with the photos, then you can go ahead with the surgery and enjoy your new appearance.