3 Natural Ways to Avoid Dry Winter Skincare

Winter is almost the most dangerous season for your skin, as temperatures drop and you suddenly find yourself outside in the cold. The air is colder and drier, the wind picks up, and even harsh indoor heating can take a toll on the skin. This is usually the time when those expensive winter skincare products start to pay for themselves, as your winter skin starts to show the effects of the harsh treatment it has been receiving. Skin that is exposed to cold temperatures and outdoor elements in winter loses its natural protection, and starts to succumb to the damage that the environment can inflict. Here are some simple winter skin care tips to help you save money and have beautiful clear skin in the cold winter months.

Winter Skincare Tips – Uses a Moisturizer. Unfortunately, one of the first things people do when they need to take care of their dry skin is to buy a moisturizing product. If the label does not say that the product is water-based, go for water-based ones. You may be using a moisturizer to treat dry skin when you are really trying to combat wrinkles, fine lines and sagging, so a water-based product can give you a better result. You can use a moisturizer every day and follow up with a hydrating mask once a week, but doing both can leave you feeling light and breezy in the winter months.

Winter Skincare Tips – Protect Your Skin From The Elements. When winter weather hits, it often makes us want to stay indoors and get away from the elements. But you should make sure that you are properly protected and that you are not allowing yourself to become susceptible to cold, wet weather. To ensure that you are properly protected, invest in an umbrella and other items that will help keep you warm, protect your skin from wind and dust, and keep you dry.

Winter Skincare Tips – Take Care Of All Your Exfoliated Skin. No matter how careful you are with the other Winter Skincare Tips you have learned, you will still be vulnerable to dryness during the winter months. When you exfoliate your skin in the summer, you remove the dead skin cells and make way for new and healthy ones. This can cause your complexion to look dull and lifeless, which can result in the need to buy a new face scrub or exfoliant all over again. If you are experiencing dryness, make sure that you are removing all traces of the exfoliant from your skin before you sleep at night.

Winter Skincare Tips – Use A Moisturizer After You Have Gone Home In The Cold Weather. While it is true that you should replenish what you have applied on your face or other exposed areas throughout the day, it is especially important to apply a moisturizer after you have spent time outside in the cold weather. Winter often brings with it wind, rain, and chills, all of which can make your skin feel extremely dry and damaged. To avoid this problem, keep an extra bottle of moisturizer in your glove compartment, in your car, or any other place that you will be able to quickly apply to your skin when you come indoors.

Winter Skincare Tips – Wash Your Face Before Bedtime. Many people make the mistake of washing their face in the morning, then taking a shower in the evening. While both steps can help you get rid of any makeup, excessive washing can leave your skin feeling dry and damaged. To avoid this problem, spend a few extra minutes cleansing your face or showering in the evening to remove all traces of makeup, then use a moisturizer to close up your pores and keep your face soft and smooth all night.

Winter Skincare Tips – Exfoliate Excess Scrubbing. Excessive scrubbing in the winter months can lead to dried out skin and irritated pores, which can also contribute to premature wrinkles. Instead of scrubbing away your dead skin cells with a loofah or exfoliant in the evening, use a natural scrub that can help you to gently remove excess oil without damaging your complexion.

Winter Skincare Tips – Treat Dry Skin With Bee Inspired Beauty Products. Organic beauty products are especially great for treating dry skin, because they contain no harmful chemicals. Some of the best bee inspired skin care products include: