2022 Wedding Trends for Colors, Decor & More

Wedding Trends

Getting married is one of the most emotional and long-awaited moments for many, an experience that marks a before and after. It is a crucial step in life that is taken with security, happiness, excitement and nerves for the future. Define the beginning of a new stage in which you intertwine your decisions, fears, dreams and aspirations with those of someone else. Celebrating your wedding is a moment you look forward to fervently.

However, planning it is also a challenge, the process of selecting the date, the dress, the food and, especially, the place begins. The location is the starting point when planning a wedding and allows you to establish the entire concept that you have always imagined. Keep reading and we will tell you the trends in wedding locations for this 2022 and where you can find the best wedding venues

Celebrate your wedding in the best locations

 The starting point for planning a wedding is made up of three factors: setting a date, establishing a budget and determining the location. Finding the place to celebrate your wedding will allow you to advance in the planning and design of the celebration. You will be able to access better prices, not only for the place or hall, but also for the banquet, the musicians, the decoration and other expenses to be incurred, because you will be able to quote them and acquire them with time. The space you choose also allows your guests to organize themselves by time, accessibility and arrival at the reception site. And, finally, it will determine the whole concept of the celebration.

Trendy spaces for wedding celebrations

  1. Locations in open spaces: It is a proposal that has become more furious with the occurrence of the pandemic. The need to comply with biosafety protocols popularized parties in open spaces. And we are completely fascinated by the charm they have, as they allow decorators to play with the elements of nature and natural light, bringing some mystique to the celebration. In addition, the idea of ​​a cocktail-style wedding can be very romantic, surrounded by nature, beautiful landscapes and delicate decorations in a perfect setting for photos with the couple.
  2. Spaces inspired by ballet or classical style: The romantic novels and series that have popularized romance in the Regency era, such as the famous Bridgertons, have made many brides yearn for a wedding in this style. A room with historical architecture, which makes the bride and groom feel like they are in a classical ballet, dancing their first waltz, can be wonderful.
  3. “Getaway” style weddings: Another trend that has become popular due to the passage of the pandemic in our lives. There are many couples who decided not to get so complicated and do something much more casual. This does not mean that family and friends are left out of the celebration, the concept is about doing it with a flexible dress code, a clear and quiet place, without professional photographers and much more intimate dynamics.

Where to find the best wedding halls ?

If you have a ring on your hand, it is time for you to start looking for the location to celebrate your wedding. The good thing is that, thanks to the revolution in technology and the rise of digital tools, it is now very easy to find the ideal site with just a few clicks. By visiting the Venuu.com website   you will be able to find the best venues for weddings in Madrid, as Venuu is a website that provides an online service and allows the rental of spaces for events, parties and meetings. It makes the painstaking task of finding the perfect venue for your wedding a breeze. Enter now and start exploring your possibilities. Good luck!