Video Call

A video call is a wonderful way to stay in touch with family and friends. It’s also a great way to break into the world of business. Whether you’re setting up a meeting or conducting an interview, having a professional demeanor can really seal the deal. But how do you look your best while on a video call? It’s no wonder people get embarrassed when they have to speak their mind in front of other people. In this article we’ll examine the top 12 ways to look your best on a video call.

First impressions are everything. So it only makes sense that the first thing you want to look good on your video call is your attire. Your attire should match your surroundings. If you’re at a business meeting you’ll want to wear business casual attire.

On a video call it’s also important to make sure you have your facts right. Don’t say something because you overhear somebody saying it. You may look silly and it might come back on you later in your career. So if you hear someone talking about something, ask them to clarify. And make sure you read the written contract before agreeing to any verbal commitments.

Keep your composure. Don’t get upset over things. If you lose your cool on a video call then you won’t be able to keep your composure and listen to what the other person has to say. Maintain your position of power even if you don’t feel like you’re in control. That’s only natural. You’ve done all the preparation and you’ve gotten the documents together so you’re just going to roll with it on the call.

When you have your facts straight, you’ll be able to express yourself better and have more confidence. Remember, you’re in control. You’re the one paying for this. Your appearance is not what they’re paying you to do. Make sure you show them respect. This means making sure you’re dressed the way you’re expected to look and that you’re wearing your work uniform or business attire when you’re representing your company.

Look good in your clothing. Even though you want to make sure you’re representing your company in the manner appropriate for your field, it’s OK for you to dress casually for the occasion. Take a few minutes to pick out your clothes and make sure they match your personality and the personality of your team. Also make sure they fit well. If you’re in a business meeting, make sure the tie doesn’t ride up your neck or the shirt doesn’t hang too low.

Personal hygiene is important. Be clean, shaving can be a huge help, but shaving can also be an excuse for not looking good. Be clean and well groomed and you’ll be able to look better, but you’ll also be able to smell better since you won’t be carrying stink.

Your posture will be important. A lot of people don’t look their best because they slouch or slump. While you may want to slouch when you’re on a video call, standing up straight can make you look taller and give you a better posture. Also make sure that your body language is professional. Watch yourself and repeat after yourself to make sure you look confident and prepared for the meeting.

If you’re going to use makeup make sure you wear it. Many makeup artists have tips that will help you look your best. They’ll also be able to tell you what kind of makeup you need to wear for different times during the day. Don’t go overboard with foundation. It may mask your problem, but it can also make you look washed out and greasy.

Also make sure to moisturize. You’ll be sitting on your phone for most of the time on a video call. You want to moisturize so that you’re skin stays soft and supple. Apply a light moisturizer before the meeting and another one before you leave. The moisturizer should be oil free and water based.

The final tip I have for you is to relax. Most people don’t know how to act when they’re nervous or under pressure. But if you’re not calm then you’ll probably overdo it. This isn’t a job interview so you don’t have to act this way, but it’s just a way of showing confidence in your abilities.