Behati Prinsloo

Born in South Africa in 1989, this hazel-eyed model has been a fixture in the news tabloids due to her modeling adventures, being chosen by top-tier agencies. She has been modeling for the Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand since 2008 and was cast as the lead angel in 2009. She is currently married to Maroon 5 star Adam Levine, and the couple are expecting their first child in 2016. Behati Prinsloo is fluent in it. Afrikaans, native language, despite having received a full education in English.

1. For photoshoot:


behati prinsloo no makeup


Seeing her posing for the cameras in the black hat, her appearance is nothing short of elegant. The black striped tee and neck piece only add to the charm.

2. The blonde look:


Behati Prinsloo without makeup 2

Behati Prinsloo without makeup is seen here, flaunting her new found love in bangs and blonde. She looks great and even has the self-assurance to go out without a hint of kohl in her eyes, despite the fact that the bangs catch their eye.

3. Preparing for the ramp:


Behati Prinsloo without makeup 3

Look at Behati Prinsloo without makeup, happy and smiling with the clicker, while her hair is attached to the roller. The coat can be identified as one from Victoria’s Secret, and she is evidently happy with the show and her appearance on it.


4. Starbucks Day:

Behati Prinsloo without makeup 4

With that green tea in hand, it’s safe to say that the model watches her diet even when she’s on the chain that’s famous for vintage coffee. Behati Prinsloo clicked on this selfie knowing that she is nothing short of sheer perfection. No dark circles, no bags under the eyes, your appearance is as flawless as we wish ours could be.

5. Delevingne’s gaze:

Behati Prinsloo without makeup 5

Looking more like another supermodel, Cara Delevingne, this Polaroid was probably clicked when she was with the family. Her appearance is very basic, very much like someone at home, as is her outfit. Her hair looks great even though it is not styled to perfection.

6. The diaries of the neck piece:

Behati Prinsloo without makeup 6

Sporting a natural look without makeup, Behati Prinsloo is seen here with a very stylish and urban statement. Her hair is more towards a burgundy brunette, which is unconventional regarding her usual preference for blonde. With a rosy cheek and a beautiful smile, this photograph can immediately win over anyone’s heart.

7. The irony:

Behati Prinsloo without makeup 7

The image is so captioned, as Behati is seen here at a MAC cosmetics brand event – no makeup! Her nose has red spots and her usual traditional half smile is giving us all a positive vibe.

8. For the world:

Behati Prinsloo without makeup 8

Another classic from Behati Prinsloo’s look book without makeup, here she is seen with blonde highlights in her brown hair.

9. Winter hours:

Behati Prinsloo without makeup 9

With the cap carelessly covering her blondes, Behati Prinsloo looks more elegant than ever. The color coordination of your dress does not match, however, it gives extra credit to the overall look.

10. Happy time:

Behati Prinsloo without makeup 10

The time has come to put your makeup on for the fashion show and this is probably the last take before that one. With no lipstick or liner once again, she takes her class up a notch without even trying.

It’s no wonder Behati looks as confident as ever, even without makeup. Overall perfection is too hard for us to match, even with tons of makeup, isn’t it?