Allu Arjun

Telugu film megastar Allu Arjun is one of the most celebrated Indian actors of all time. He has worked on some of the best Tamil films ever produced and is famous for his action scenes and eye-catching dialogue. She has a decent face with an impressive physique. There are few people who believe that he likes makeup room touch-ups and that he doesn’t really look good. The facts that will be discussed in this article are intended for those people. Some of the best makeup-free images are discussed below.

1. The stallion:

allu arjun without makeup


Allu Arjun is definitely a stud on screen and off screen too. He is quite handsome and also has a decent face texture. She looks good with medium length hair and can still impress her fans without wearing makeup. This is one of the best Allu Arjun without makeup ever.

2. At a press conference:

Allu Arjun @ Rudrama Devi Movie Success Meet Stills

Allu Arjun was photographed without wearing makeup while attending a press conference. He is one of the most handsome actors in the South Indian film industry and is also known to people for his sudden display of makeup-free expositions.

3. An old snap:

Allu Arjun without makeup3

This is an old photo of Allu Arjun in which he shows his face without makeup with the utmost confidence. You surely do not hesitate to show your natural beauty. Rather, it can be said that this actor is one of the most incredible actors of all time.

4. Photographed at an event:


Still images of Allu Arjun @ Racha's audio release feature

Allu was seen enjoying an event. This actor keeps his word and is quite loyal to his fans. He is very clever. She doesn’t use beauty products when she’s off stage. Even when you attend a movie event, you don’t really care about your facial appeal. This is what makes it beautiful on the inside.

5. The macho look:

Allu Arjun without makeup10

This is an all-time amazing photo seducing Allu Arjun with her bare face. Here, we can see the real beauty of this man along with all his physically impressive angles.

6. He still angry:

Allu Arjun without makeup6

This is a really impressive photo of Allu. It is a frame from a movie. There seems to be no makeup on this heartthrob’s face. It still looks quite beautiful and makes the scene fantastic.

7. At a promotional event:

Allu Arjun without makeup7

Allu Arjun was seen promoting a soft drink brand in Hyderabad. She did not hesitate to show her face without makeup and kept her cool and smiled at the camera, when they were shooting vigorously with her camera lenses.

8. The still serious:

Allu Arjun without makeup8

This is another attractive image of Allu Arjun without makeup. Here, she looks a bit serious compared to the previous ones and quite attractive too, even though she doesn’t use any beauty products on her face. Hopefully this image will persuade people to search for more Allu Arjun without makeup images rather than just looking for Allu Arjun makeup images.

9. He is a Father:

Allu Arjun without makeup9

Allu Arjun is a father now and this is the first photo of him with his first child. This image also reveals Allu’s rude and regal face. But one thing can’t be denied that this guy has the guts to show his natural face to his thousands of fans.

10. With the fans:

Allu Arjun without makeup5

Allu was more than happy to take some photos with his loving fans one day. It kept the style of casual clothing, but still looked quite elegant. It is about her naturally seductive face.

This article shows how beautiful an actor can be. These celebrities aren’t just about makeup. Some of them have really beautiful faces that are gifted to them at birth, like Allu. People should appreciate them for the fact that they are brave and honest enough to show off their face without makeup.