Jacqueline Fernandez without makeup

Jaacqueline Fernandez is a Sri Lankan beauty who won the Miss Sri Lanka Universe in 2006. She started her modeling career after that and landed a Bollywood role in a movie ‘Aladin’ with her co-stars Ritesh Deshmukh and Amitabh Bachchan. She won the Indian International Film Academy Award for Best Female Debut for this one. Jacqueline attracts the public with her beautiful face and her very good sense of dress.

Jacqueline Fernandez without makeup:

1. Caught in an event without makeup:

In the image below we see the actress in a moss green dress with white on the arms and in the middle with brown buttons. She wears a yellow bag on her right shoulder and her hair is kept open and falls down the left side of her shoulder.

2. While practicing the dance:

This image is clicked while the actress was practicing dancing for an event. She is dressed in sport, with a gray shirt and a jacket tied at the waist. She has a pair of brown sunglasses covering her eyes and she lifts it up to tie her up

3. Work on The Laptop:

The actress smiles at the camera while on the laptop. She is seen wearing a sleeveless black top and her hair is cropped at the back and falls down the left shoulder, leaving a bit of puffy locks on the head in front. His left hand has a silver chained wristwatch.

4. Fashionable:

Jacqueline has a great sense of dress which she demonstrates in the following image. She wears an elegant white blouse studded with huge beads in yellow, blue, red, black, sea green and orange. Her bottom is covered with tight-fitting synthetic pants and black boots. He carries a green bag and his cell phone case is a similar color.

5. Jacqueline with Shah Rukh Khan at the airport:

6. In an event:

The actress is clicked at an event where she looks naturally pretty. He wears a white ‘kurti’ with silver prints and his thick hair is held open and falls to the left.

7. At the airport:

This image was clicked at Mumbai airport when leaving for Sydney for an event. She wears a black top that covers half of her arm with a silver print and a pair of black pants. Her circular sunglasses make her look modern. She also has a black bag with her and her hair is puffed up and tied up like a pony.

8. Jacqueline with Madhuri Dixit in Sydney:

This is a picture in Sydney together with actress Madhuri Dixit. They had gone there for a 2013 Temptation Reloaded event. Jacqueline wears a light green sweatshirt and has large round earrings on her ears. Her hair is slicked back and is kept open.

9. In the Indian look:

The actress clicks on the Indian look. She wears a peach salwar with green and mauve stitches. She carries a white bag in one hand and her cell phone in the other. She wears a golden earring in her ears and her hair is parted on one side and tied back like a pony.

10. At an event at Essel World:

The actress talks to people as if she were going to an event at Essel World. She looks very fashionable with her sleeveless white blouse along with her loose palazzo pants along with a stylish belt. She has a black wristwatch tied to her left and her hair is styled like a pony.